"Because What's More Important Than Your Parts?"

Are you looking for a Christian Health Insurance Agent? I don't know how many of us exist in the industry. I guess it could depend upon how you define "Christian."

I personally believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ - it is the only thing on this earth more valuable than all other things combined because nothing, absolutely nothing else, is used by God to reconcile men and women unto Himself.

We are all sinners. We are all users and abusers of ourselves and others. We have all been victims, and in turn have victimized others. We all offend a perfectly holy God with our thoughts and actions, yet He who should be the most upset with us has still chosen some of us to be His sons and daughters - to live with Him in heaven someday - to live reconciled to Him now - not because of anything we have done but because of what Jesus Christ has done on our behalf before we were ever born.

He died for us. He literally physically died for us; but even more than that, Christ, the Messiah, God incarnate, in the flesh, lived for us. He lived for us so that we might live for Him. He lived perfectly for us, without sin, in exchange for our feeble attempts at living for Him - as if our actions could ever be good enough to inherit eternal life.

In exchange for our souls, what do we give? What do we receive? Compare and contrast, and really think about it ... it's not a great deal for God, but it's more than a bargain for us - it's more than we could ever afford. Something we can not repay. Something embarrassing if anything, yet the only thing we have worth boasting about while on this earth.

So we live for Him. We die for Him. We are martyrs for His name's sake. We are fools in the eyes of the world. We are wise in the eyes of God. We will lose everything, even our arms and eyes and flesh in the end. What will we gain? Eternal life. Why? Because that's how God designed it - the plan, from before the foundation of the earth.

I am glad you found this page. It's hidden. But those who seek will find. Those who knock will find the door opened unto them.

For God so loved the world that He gave, willingly gave, His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes, truly believes, heart, body, and soul, and lives it unto death, will not perish, will not die in hell, but will instead have the wonderful perfect gift of eternal life. Life, true spiritual life, is only found in Jesus the Messiah. He paid the wages for our sin, which is death, so that we won't die, but will live with Him, for Him, forever. Amen.

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