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Various forms of health care coverage
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Insure My Parts® is the brain child of Mr. Réne Evan Girard.  He thought the name was so funny and clever that it should be trademarked.   Easier said than done!   Little did he know that the process would be met with firm opposition by another insurance company's lawyer.   After wondering if it was worth the fight, his wife told him "I don't think you should back down!"   Fortunately a wonderful patent & trademark attorney helped Mr. Girard to prevail, and also secured the trademarks for Self-Serve Insurance® and Self-Service Insurance®.  

Self-Serve and Self-Service Insurance are the way of the future.  

Self-Service Insurance® can be used in place of traditional customer service, thereby reducing employee workload by allowing current customers access to information and resources to start and finish simple time-consuming tasks such as changing their mailing address, updating bank account info., printing new ID cards, as well as running a variety of free quotes to possibly sell themselves on a new policy or a change in coverage.

Self-Serve and Self-Service already exist in various forms throughout the insurance industry; look for this trend to continue to grow in the years ahead.  For now, Insure My Parts® is the original and the official home of Self-Serve Insurance® and Self-Service Insurance®.